Ever wish you

could read faster?

Our algorithms and tools can help you make sense of lengthy, complicated text quickly, so that you can make better decisions on the job.   

How it works



Upload your text docs

Whether it’s a 1000 page pdf or 1000 one-pagers on Word, upload your text to our tool for our algorithms to read.


Prompt the algorithms to get to work

Our technology uses natural language algorithms to read your text in a matter of seconds. Just kick it off by asking questions, and follow it up by confirming the outputs.    


Uncover what's most important to you and your business 

Get quick answers and uncover patterns in the text that would've otherwise taken you hours to find. Save your prompts to make it even faster and easier the next time you need to extract what's important.


See what it's all about

Whether it's through our built-in-house interface or through our API, our technology can save you and your business hours of time spent reading text. We work with you to ensure our technology can do the most for your business case. 

We help professionals across disciplines


Track regulatory changes and translate requirements.

Organizational Intelligence

Discover organizational bottlenecks from interactions, feedback and support requests.


Search for specific clauses such as exclusions and guarantees in complex contracts and agreements.



Understand customer preferences and interests to recommend new products.



Automate repetitive research patterns to expedite knowledge discovery.

Risk Management

Monitor ever increasing volumes of text data to fortify your risk management process.