Power tool for
research & 
due diligence

Instantly access data points locked in tables and paragraphs of your reports, prospectus, deals, reviews, transactions and more.

Augment your knowledge with intelligent document search - fuel your decisions with unique, high value data.

Easiest way to extract data points from unstructured text

Simultaneously search through research reports, prospectus, customer requests or feedback to extract, track and analyze meaningful, custom defined data points.

Quickest way to find information in your PDFs

No more tedious Ctrl + F, copy and paste. Search and extract data from tables, sections, lists in a matter of seconds.

Configurable workspaces to suit your team's workflow

Whether you are part of a research team, legal team, portfolio management team, compliance team or a recruiting team - create custom fields and workflows to always keep all your stakeholders on the same page.

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Intelligent Search for the Inquisitive Mind

Read our white paper:
Intelligent Results: The new role of Cognitive AI in the information gathering process.

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Access 100+ unique data points for your investment & risk management strategy. Search and create custom data sets from EDGAR and other public or private sources. Streamline your deal underwriting process.


Streamline your capital markets and structured finance legal flow. Instantly extract 100+ data points to categorize, compare and collaborate with your clients

E-Commerce Search

Empower your customers to explore product features with natural language search. Get unparalleled access to your customer buying journey.

Healthcare Research

Deconstruct unstructured text in PubMed and Clinical Trial data into diseases, genes, proteins, symptoms & more.

Get all your research in a single place. Bring in research from any source into your workspaces using our Chrome plug-in.

API for Developers

Make digital PDFs to machine readable. JSON and HTML output with detailed section hierarchy, multi-level tables, lists, header, footer and watermarks removed.

Great for teams doing in-house NLP & Search who'd like to get clean data from PDFs.