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We are committed to creating a better modern work experience using the latest natural language technologies.

We're a small team of passionate technologists eager to partner with enterpirses and business to solve issues that can be addressed by our automation and natural language technologies.

As we imagine and build a better future for the modern workforce, these are our guiding principles.

Imagining and pursuing a brighter future, we thrive on ideas and welcome the new and different. It may start with an intuition, or a complete upheaval of everything we know or have done. Let us not stop dreaming or striving.  On our way, we will accomplish many amazing goals and reach remarkable milestones, but let's set our goals even higher and work harder and smarter towards accomplishing what everyone thought was impossible.Whether it is the accuracy of our algorithms, a feature in our UI, or the way we communicate with our customers – we will go above and beyond to make sure every little detail is thoughtfully considered.Nothing should stop us from being authentic and original. Listen first. Let's put ourselves in the shoes of our coworkers, customers, investors, or prospective employees. Let's lend a helping hand when we can. Whether with our coworkers, customers, or the scientific community and a social issue arises – let's ask - how can we help? how can we contribute? how can we make a positive impact?

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