Company reports

Find unparalleled investment insights from
10-Ks and 10-Qs

Going beyond the handful of quantitative data points available from your trading terminal often involves tedious reading and parsing of the company reports. We are here to help.
We extract both qualitative and quantitative data points such as risk factors, revenue drivers, revenue numbers, supply chain, competitive data, legal matters and much more automatically so that your team can focus on building investment ideas, not on data collection.

Need something, that is unique to your investment strategy? Simply ask a question. Our algorithms navigate through visual elements such as lists, tables, sections and retains the logical structure such as paragraph, table boundaries and their hierarchies to produce crisp to-the-point answers.

You can compare valuable data points over time with another company.


selected features


What has changes over the years? How does one company compare with another?

Getting answers to these questions is only a couple of clicks away!

Compare summarized qualitative factors across years/quarters or between companies.

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TAble extraction

Find and download any important table in the company report with only a few keystrokes.

All tables are highlighted with their title chain retained, simply search and click to download.

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Locate any section in the company report in a matter of seconds with searchable, auto generated hierarchical outline.

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Table search

Find table rows, columns and cells by matching your natural language query to row and column data.

Copy results with a click of a button to paste to your reports and emails.

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See related answers from multiple parts of the document in a concise summarized view.

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