MUNICIPal bonds

Most powerful research tool for muni prospectus

Gathering key terms of a bond offering and sharing the data with your portfolio management team can be a challenging task.

Our AI driven platform payment terms, consequences of default, legal matters, tax considerations, guarantees, source, uses and much more automatically so that your team can focus on making investment decisions, not data collection.

Need something, that is unique to your investment strategy? Simply ask a question. Our algorithms navigate through visual elements such as lists, tables, sections and retains the logical structure such as paragraph, table boundaries and their hierarchies to produce crisp to-the-point answers.

selected features

TAble extraction

Find and download any important table in the official statement with only a few keystrokes.

All tables are highlighted with their title chain retained, simply search and click to download.

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Locate any section in the official statement in a matter of seconds with searchable, auto generated hierarchical outline.

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Table search

Find table rows, columns and cells by matching your natural language query to row and column data.

Copy results with a click of a button to paste to your reports and emails.

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See related answers from multiple parts of the document in a concise summarized view.

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